Album Review – Heisenberg / Heisenberg (2014)

Say their name, because they are the ones who slam.


heisenberg_coverDirectly from Long Island, New York, comes a band which specialty and purpose are pretty straight-forward: having fun and slamming into the pit. Not only that, they have chosen an excellent name for the band, honoring one of the most outstanding fictional characters the world has even seen from the cult series Breaking Bad, the chemist teacher and drug lord Walter “Walt” Hartwell White Sr., or simply Walter White (who doesn’t love his most famous quote, “SAY MY NAME”?). I’m talking about American Brutal Death Metal/Deathslam band Heisenberg, who have just released their self-titled debut album and are ready to slam as much as possible.

Heisenberg, which is the  clandestine pseudonym used by Walter White in the show (as if you didn’t know that already), was formed by members of other Deathslam bands: Two Shells Left, The Forrest Gump Mile High Marathon and Ellery Park, and they list among their biggest idols many important Death Metal bands such as Devourment and Suffocation, and other less crude but still heavy names like Industrial Metal band Fear Factory. Those influences are easily noticed throughout the entire album, which despite being short will surely disturb your neighbors’ peace and provide you some bruises and that unique pain in the neck after listening to it.

One of the best things in the music by Heisenberg is that you can actually listen to all instruments, which means you can also enjoy the musicians’ abilities instead of only slam like a motherfucker. That’s the case with the opening song, Plecostomus Prime, with its brutal guttural vocals, and riffs and drums as heavy as hell, followed by one of the top songs of the album, the violent Meth Shots, where the excellent vocals and chorus match perfectly with the instrumental parts. The following track, Explosive Innards, is as explosive as its name says, with highlights to its good riffs.

The band doesn’t let the ball drop, offering us another massacre named Glory Hole Confession Session, with its strong bass lines and drums showing why they cite Fear Factory as one of their biggest influences. And pay attention to the vocals on the last part of the song, they’re gruesome (in a good way, of course). Then we have what in my opinion is the best track of the album by far, the brutal The Pantera Factor: the “Beavis & Butthead” intro as a tribute to the mighty PANTERA is so cool, and the song itself is so heavy (especially the riffs), that I’m pretty sure wherever Mr. Dimebag Darrell (R.I.P.) is he might be really proud of Heisenberg now.

heisenberg_bandThe last part the album kicks off with Black Metal Joe, the longest track of all and also the one with the most melodic riffs, and I have to admit this song sounds extremely professional for an independent band, with highlights to the changes in rhythm and breaks which give it an extra level of energy. Then we have Razorblade Enema, a very Death Metal tune perfect for slamming like crazy, and finally Fulminated Mercury closing the album, which despite being an extremely heavy track, lacks something to put it in the same level as the rest of the album.

I have some trouble understanding the lyrics in all songs, but who cares?  As I said, the objective of Heisenberg with their music is providing the fans an awesome soundtrack for slamming, nothing else. In addition, the album art by American bassist, singer and artist Mike Majewksi, showing a very violent and merciless Walter White butchering all those rotten corpses, is more than awesome and becomes a crucial part of the album.

In summary, Heisenberg, which can be streamed and purchased at the band’s bandcamp page, is a recommended album for all fans of old-fashioned Deathslam and even for metalheads that want to learn more about this music genre. And if you’re also a huge fan of Mr. Walter White, you’ll surely “remember his name” while slamming with Heisenberg’s music.

Best moments of the album: Meth Shots and The Pantera Factor.

Worst moments of the album: Fulminated Mercury.

Released in 2014 Independent

Track listing
1. Plecostomus Prime 2:49
2. Meth Shots 2:14
3. Explosive Innards 1:57
4. Glory Hole Confession Session (feat. Joe Marchese) 2:22
5. The Pantera Factor 2:12
6. Black Metal Joe 3:05
7. Razorblade Enema 1:56
8. Fulminated Mercury 1:59

Band members
Paul McGrath – vocals
Brandon Moran – guitars
Billy Haiduk – bass
Tim Schmidt – drums