Album Review – Henriette B / Tales Of Reality EP (2016)

This flourishing band from Switzerland is back with more of their top-of-the-line Metalcore to tell you some of their harshest tales of reality.


FolderIn case you’ve been following The Headbanging Moose for a considerable period of time, you might remember our review for the 2014 EP Red Dawn Of Humanity, by Swiss Metalcore/Hardcore act Henriette B (and if you’re new to the band you’ll find out why they have such a distinct band name by reading that review HERE). Now, almost two years after Red Dawn Of Humanity became a reality in the world of Metalcore, this five-piece band from Tavannes, Switzerland returns with yet another solid and impactful EP, this time entitled Tales Of Reality.

After playing many shows across Switzerland in 2015 thanks to the very positive reaction of Metalcore fans to Red Dawn Of Humanity, with Henriette B sharing the stage with bands such as Texas In July, Walking With Strangers and Benighted, it’s noticeable how the quality of the music delivered by the band improved in Tales Of Reality. Albeit always keeping loyal to their foundations and style, there are many new elements and nuances added to the new EP that end up differentiating it from its predecessor, and that in my opinion will definitely open even more doors for Henriette B to cross the boundaries of their homeland and go further in their promising career.

Although the opening track Utopia has a very similar sonority to the music found in their 2014 EP, it’s a lot more polished and professional, showcasing the evolution in the music by Henriette B. In addition, while Ian Girod is back with his bestial growls, newcomer Fabio Duro proves through his refined technique why he was selected by the band to be responsible for their beats, adding an extra layer of intricacy to their music. And in Face Or Flee, Ian and his desperate vocals follow the lead of guitarists Vincent Simonin and Thierry Grundbacher, who bring the musicality closer to Death Metal, but who also at the same time present hints of Alternative Metal through their riffs and solos.

HB-HIRES_3As mentioned in the review for their previous EP, there’s always a lot of melody amidst all the brutality blasted by the band, which is also the case in The Other Side, a typical song to break your fuckin’ neck by headbanging like a maniac anytime you listen to it, not to mention its deranged ending. And following that bestial tune we have Visions, where Fabio continues to pound his drums with a lot of precision and feeling. It’s high-quality Metalcore with a strong atmosphere supporting the band’s “noise”, once again exhibiting a good fusion of heavy riffs and harmonious solos and passages.

Now it’s time for bassist Fabien Voumard to fire his thunderous and groovy bass lines in the awesome The Mistake We Made, providing the other band members everything they need to sound even more violent. Besides, this song makes it clear that it’s when Henriette B accelerate their music that they truly thrive. And The Hidden Kingdom closes the EP by offering us more of the excellent riffs by Vincent and Thierry in a violent Melodic Death Metal vibe, not to mention the great performances by Ian and Fabio with their sonic weapons.

Henriette B want to keep telling you their own tales of reality and showing you their vision of the world, and in order to do that they need you to visit their Facebook page, YouTube channel and SoundCloud. And, obivously, if you’re a fan of European Metalcore you should also go purchase their brand new EP at their BandCamp page, at CD Baby, on Amazon and other locations. Thus, after two strong EP’s, I guess the next step for those Swiss metallers is to continue their hot streak by delivering us their first full-length album, how about that? If they keep their music as potent as it is now when that time comes, I’m pretty sure they will engrave their name deeply in the world of Metalcore and heavy music in general.

Best moments of the album: The Other Side and The Mistake We Made.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2016 Independent

Track listing
1. Utopia 3:25
2. Face Or Flee 3:10
3. The Other Side 3:56
4. Visions 3:02
5. The Mistake We Made 3:55
6. The Hidden Kingdom 3:02

Band members
Ian Girod – vocals
Vincent Simonin – guitar
Thierry Grundbacher – guitar
Fabien Voumard – bass
Fabio Duro – drums

Album Review – Henriette B / Red Dawn Of Humanity EP (2014)

Fresh and aggressive music by a Metalcore band as precise as a Swiss watch.


FolderFrom the municipality of Tavannes, Switzerland, also home of the world renowned Tavannes watches, comes a five-piece group as precise with their instruments as a Swiss watch: I’m talking about Metalcore/Hardcore band Henriette B (the name comes from the gorgeous Norwegian actress Henriette Bruusgaard, who appeared in the horror movie Manhunt) and their brand new 20-minute violent and polished EP, entitled Red Dawn Of Humanity.

Born in 2009 inspired by excellent bands such as Gojira, Heaven Shall Burn and August Burns Red, and after releasing a three-track demo named First Steps in 2010 and the single Cold Weapon in 2013, which led them to perform not only in Switzerland, but also in France and Belgium, together with names like Anthrax, Ichor and Dirty Fingers, this promising Swiss group has gained a lot of experience and confidence on their path to Red Daw Of Humanity. Besides, as most European bands, those guys know how to add tons of melody amidst all the savagery in their music.

Do not get tricked by the smooth intro in the opening track, Below Us All. When the music starts, it sounds like there will be a female singer coming out of nowhere with some kind of operatic or pop voice, but instead we are assaulted by truly deep guttural vocals and a very solid instrumental, with riffs and drums inspired by Melodic Death Metal enhanced by a more modern approach. And the massacre goes on with Enslave Our Future, heavier, more futuristic and more apocalyptic than its predecessor, including even some elements from Black Metal blended with some characteristic Metalcore rhythmic breaks led by drummer Greg and more brutal vocals by lead singer Ian. The music video, which can be seen below, was directed and produced by Thibaut Schaller and only proves how professional this band is.

promo-2-hd-4096x2731My favorite song of all, the frantic Self Murderer, flirts with old school Death Metal, with its headbanging guitar riffs and some harsh screams by Ian adding lots of brutality and despair to the song; followed by the also strong The Final Procession, with highlights to the great riffs by Jérôme and Vinche. Not only that, the breaks and progressiveness during the last part of the song are really interesting and will surely please all fans of the genre. The last track, Bringer Of Suffering, focuses on more melodic riffs mixed with rawer drums, and it’s even more progressive and modern than the previous track. And you don’t need to understand exactly what the lyrics say to know they’re not happy or optimistic at all.

Visit their official Facebook page to keep updated with everything this nice band has been doing lately, their official YouTube channel to listen to ALL tracks from Red Dawn Of Humanity, and their BandCamp page to purchase their refined music. Henriette B are professional, reliable and precise as the watches from their homeland, and an outstanding addition to your heavy music collection.

Best moments of the album: Enslave Our Future and Self Murderer.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2014 Independent

Track listing
1. Below Us All 4:23
2. Enslave Our Future 3:55
3. Self Murderer 3:46
4. The Final Procession 4:41
5. Bringer Of Suffering 3:39

Band members
Ian – vocals
Vinche – guitar
Jérôme – guitar
Fabien – bass
Greg – drums