The Metal Moose Show – Episode 2015-09-08

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On The Metal Moose Show this week:

1. Black Acid Souls – Bitter Taste Sweet
2. Voodoo Sex Cult – Black Jesus
3. Bearstorm – Glacial Relic
4. Dead Awake – Left To Drown
5. Incised – Bloody Mary
6. Kali Ma – Chasing The Tail Of Dogma
7. LAM – Devil Secrets
8. Seeking Seven – Fall In Line
9. Torrid Complex – Nothing Pretty Done
10. Whipping Princess – Birth Of Rage
11. I, The Oracle – Clockwork Tragedy
12. Divide The Empire – Habitual
13. Housebreaking – This Is Hell
14. Exhortation – For Every Goliath There Is A Stone
15. Machine In The Mountain – Silence
16. Lost Atlanta – Alive
17. Almost Human – Normosis
18. Tusk – The Peregrination Of The Nomad
19. MHX – Moon And Sea
20. Ghost Horizon – Writhing
21. Witchbound – Keep The Pyre Burning

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