The Metal Moose Show – Episode 2015-05-26

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On The Metal Moose Show this week:

1. Vile Caliber – For Those Who Dare To Lose Control
2. Nocturnal Depression – Elegie
3. Child Of Caesar – Defector
4. Aion – IV
5. Parasite Ink – Back For War
6. Cosmic Trigger – Catharsis
7. Cosmic Trigger – Voltaire
8. Mad Agony – Back In Town
9. Maze Of Terror – Lycanthropes
10. Lobotomy Kit – That Fool Of Mine
11. Heavy Justice – I’m Home
12. Excercitum – Save Me From Myself
13. Driven Below – Weight Of Words
14. Me Three – Believe
15. Kodiax – Drivin
16. Future Shock – Live For Today
17. Redwolves – Busy Wasting Time
18. Grind – Mr. Harvey
19. Somehow Jo! – Great Sex & Red Wine
20. Fractured Fairytales – Blighted

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