The Metal Moose Show – Episode 2015-07-14

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On The Metal Moose Show this week:

1. New Tenants – Battlecry
2. Moondark – Concealing The Light
3. Souline – Rise Up
4. Dissector – Keep My Trust
5. Deadly Circus Fire – House Of Plagues
6. Skies Turn Black – Cold
7. Arrival Of Autumn – Shadows
8. Xander Demos – Under A Darkened Sky
9. Wonderheim – Villan
10. Twelve Years Driven – Devils Way
11. Snake Eyes – Shadow Warriors
12. Mick James – I Don’t Fight Fair
13. Stahl Gorthal – Infernal Wrath
14. Dark Before Dawn – Wasted
15. Count Your Dead – Poetic Lies
16. Alice Sweet Alice – Blood Roses
17. Those Made Broken – Long Range
18. Deadpan – Life Olympic Games
19. Shadowburn – Crashing
20. Concrete Swine – Darkness
21. Vesperia – Iron Saga
22. Edge Of Paradise – Break Away

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