Album Review – Dissector / Grey Anguish (2015)

These Russian metallers are here to help you soothe your anguished yearning for high-quality Heavy Metal.


DISSECTOR_frontAre you looking for some fresh heavy music that combines the melody from Power Metal with the anger and rebelliousness of Thrash Metal? You might then enjoy the music by Russian Power Thrash/Death Metal Dissector and their first full-length album, entitled Grey Anguish. As a matter of fact, this is not exactly the first release by this talented act from St. Petersburg, Russia, but a sort of resurrection from a very active band made famous in the northeast part of Russia between 1992 and 2002.

In this new phase of the band, which started in 2006, Dissector have already released three EP’s named Cry For Me (2007), Subhuman (2014) and An Angel with No Home (2015), as well as some compilations. However, it’s now with Grey Anguish that they aim at cementing their name in the modern era of Heavy Metal. Based on the creepy artwork created by Pablo Antonov one can say they’re on the right path, but it’s when the music starts that this keen instinct brought forth by the album imagery becomes even stronger.

After the ominous futuristic intro Catastrophe Point by keyboardist Max Delmar, it’s time for the title-track Grey Anguish to present to the listener a modern and dense musicality by Dissector. Besides, it’s interesting to observe how lead singer Yan can sound so aggressive but at the same time very melodic, and how drummer Andrey “Circle” is very precise with his beats, enhancing the song’s Thrash Metal vibe. And blending Death Metal, Hard Rock and Stoner Rock, we have the melancholic tune Deadline Pressure, where the dark taste of the lyrics ends up being its core element, followed by Sinking In Disgrace, a song inspired by old school Metallica and Megadeth where the band offers a fast and harmonious tune perfect for mosh pits and crowd surfing, with highlights to the guitar lines by Yan while Andrey pounds his drums nonstop.

Perhaps due to its name, Delicately Yours is a lot more melodic, boosted by hints of Doom and Gothic Metal. Recommended for fans of slower and more introspective metal music, it’s a dark song, of course, but it’s obvious that the message the band wanted to send required a smoother sounding. The next song, Subhuman, gets closer to what Trivium have been delivering in their most recent albums, focusing on catchy riffs while the other instruments (including vocals) make sure the level of energy remains high. And Hide Away is a compelling song that reminds me of some compositions by Paradise Lost due to its strong Doom-ish vein and thoughtful lyrics, which turn it into a gloomy anthem.

dissectorNow fasten your seatbelt because my favorite of all tracks, An Angel With No Home, is Thrash Metal at its best, as vicious and fierce as it’s supposed to be, with the vocals by Yan sounding awesome while Oleg and Andrey keep the atmosphere really violent. Right after that beauty, focusing on a musicality closer to modern Thrash Metal we have The World For the Few, where the smoothness of the melody gets more attention than its heaviness and where the pace is suited for fans of less violent metal; and the resonant bass lines and a Punk Rock/Thrash Metal attitude of Even Me, which is quite the opposite of the previous track where the band only cares about being vicious and merciless. Moreover, Yan gets more aggressive than usual, as nicely “requested” by the music.

Closing the regular set of songs, Keep My Trust sounds as if the band wanted to give us a break from so much violence. It’s a beautiful ballad featuring the delicate vocals by special guest Mirla, from Russian Gothic Metal band The Lust, and guitarist Alex Bolotov. By the way, the vocal duo between Yan and Mirla is incredible, giving an amazing balance between darkness and light to this reflective tune. As a bonus track, the band offers an instrumental demo version of “Deadline Pressure”, a special treat for us to admire their skills behind their instruments.

The best way to know more about this excellent Russian group is by visiting their Facebook or VKontakte pages, by listening to their music at their SoundCloud page, and by purchasing Grey Anguish at their BandCamp page. In other words, go soothe your anguished yearning for high-quality Heavy Metal with Dissector, a band with an enormous potential who is evidently looking into the future with their modern and exciting music.

Best moments of the album: Sinking In Disgrace, An Angel With No Home and Keep My Trust.

Worst moments of the album: The World For the Few.

Released in 2015 Worldlessness Records

Track listing
1. Catastrophe Point (intro) 0:45
2. Grey Anguish 4:02
3. Deadline Pressure 3:22
4. Sinking In Disgrace 3:35
5. Delicately Yours 5:27
6. Subhuman 4:10
7. Hide Away 4:23
8. An Angel With No Home 3:47
9. The World For the Few 4:34
10. Even Me 3:30
11. Keep My Trust (feat.The Lust) 5:23

Bonus track
12. Deadline Pressure (No Voice Mix) 3:21

Band members
Yan – guitars, vocals
Oleg – bass
Max Delmar – keyboards
Andrey “Circle” – drums

Additional musicians
Mirla – female vocals on “Keep My Trust”
Alex Bolotov – guitar on “Keep My Trust”