Album Review – Lanthanein / Nocturnálgica EP (2015)

Beautiful classical music for headbangers by a promising Doom Death/Gothic Metal band from Argentina.


coverArising from the city of Córdoba, Argentina, Doom Death/Gothic Metal band Lanthanein are releasing their first EP entitled Nocturnálgica, which is not only a good preview of their upcoming debut album Lágrimas (or “tears”, in English), but also an excellent option for fans of dusky and thoughtful music. Formed in early 2015 by soprano Marilí Portorrico and multi-instrumentalist Juan Mansilla (also known as A.N.XIIIU.X), this is a promising metal project that will help elevate the name of Argentina in the world of heavy music.

The music by Lanthanein is beautifully inspired by the drama of classical music and the sound of the 90’s, surrounded by powerful orchestrations and delicate vocals. This interesting fusion of styles, accentuated by the professionalism and passion of the musicians involved, ends up generating a dense ambience and a magnificent balance between darkness and light, therefore making the whole experience of listening to Nocturnálgica a lot more memorable. And, of course, the uniqueness of all songs being sung in Spanish, their mother tongue.

Just the intro of the opening track, Lágrimas De Luna (“tears of moon”), is already enough to showcase how Gothic their music is. The female vocals by Marilí seem inspired by divas such as Tarja Turunen and Vibeke Stene, while the instrumental blends elements from Lacrimosa and classical music, creating a deep and embracing atmosphere which becomes even stronger during the song’s gentle piano passages.

11328692_694320864013109_117723313_oThe growls by A.N.XIIIU.X introduce us to the title-track Nocturnálgica, an amazing Doom/Gothic Metal exhibit with highlights to its intense lyrics (“Agreste paisaje el de este día / en que la fortuna fue ausente, / el silencio cruel fue de muerte / Agreste la noche que se aproxima / fecundando sueños con tragedia”) and to the great teamwork by the operatic, harsh and choir voices. Moreover, the orchestrations complement the song in a beautiful and compelling way, turning it into a delightful soundtrack of sorrow.

A Orillas Del Silencio (“on the shores of silence”) is a very obscure and passionate tune which rhythm reminds me of some of the biggest classics by Gothic Metal icons Tristania. It focuses on its orchestral side a lot more than its metallic one, which ends up emphasizing another excellent vocal performance by Marilí. And last but not least, closing the EP we have more agony in Lacrimosa Et Gementem (Latin for “weeping and moaning”), where love (in the form of the gentle vocals by Marilí) and torment (portrayed by the power of the backing vocals and choir) are united by the band’s cohesive musicality. In my opinion, this is hands down the best track of the EP, leaving us eager for more of their music in their upcoming full-length album.

In summary, the interesting Noturnálgica, available at the band’s official BandCamp page, is highly recommended for all types of singers, fans of classical music and, of course, metalheads in pursuit of heavy music where melancholy and tranquility are its main elements. In other words, what Lanthanein offer us all is a heavier version of classical music tailored for headbangers but without overdoing any of its core aspects, remaining loyal to the foundations of Gothic Metal while at the same time adding their own touch and experiences to it, something we always expect from emerging bands no matter what type of music they play.

Best moments of the album: Lacrimosa Et Gementem.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2015 Independent

Track listing
1. Lágrimas De Luna 5:07
2. Nocturnálgica 4:05
3. A Orillas Del Silencio 5:40
4. Lacrimosa Et Gementem 6:09

Band members
Marilí Portorrico – female voice and choir
A.N.XIIIU.X – guttural, tenor, guitars and bass

Additional musicians
Ailén Ceballos – sopranos and altos
Hilen Blesio – sopranos and altos
Ramiro Morales – tenor
Guillermo Apfelbaum – bass