The Metal Moose Show – Episode 2015-05-19

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On The Metal Moose Show this week:

1.Doom Desire – Unraveled
2.The Accident – Blind To The Good
3.Nick Caster – The Way I Am
4.Knights Of Remnant – Warriors
5.Kill For Mother – Unrekked
6.Heavens Dust – World Goes Grey
7.Fallen Kings – Brotherhood Of Bones
8.Ensilenced – Two Face
9.Alforna – Awake
10.Crucifliction – Crucifliction
11.Hailmary – Liar In My Chair
12.A Beaut5Iful End – The Closing
13.Endless Lament – The Morningstar
14.Killjay – Infection
15.Buzzard – Step It Up
16.Sandmarx – Supervillan
17.Beauty Killed The Beast – Prepare
18.Leech – Egos
19.Soul Torrent – Mosh
20.Aittala – Russian Roulette
21.Bent To Break – Pranic

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