The Metal Moose Show – Episode 2015-11-24

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On The Metal Moose Show this week:

1. Blackheart Gospel – Wasteland America
2. Ainrail – Rural Sludge
3. Arreat – Frostburn
4. Autumn Stay – Ghost
5. Era – To The Grave
6. False Hope Fades – Break
7. Gathering After Ashes – Angels Take Flight
8. Mandatory – For The World To See
9. Motherfaster – The Nymph And The God
10. Octave Jaw – Never Free
11. Never Mind The Riot – Sacrifice
12. Pergana – Return To Innocence
13. Raftree – The Eyes You Hide
14. Sin Of Apathy – Never Forgive
15. Stahl Gorthol – Infernal Wrath
16. The Desolate – The Great Departure
17. Standing Ovation – Gravity Beats Nuclear Permafrost
18. The Crawling – The Right To Crawl
19. Dead City Crown – Seed Of Rain
20. Doll Skin – Lets Be Honest
21. Triumph Under Fire – No More
22. Viggenblot – From Flames Anew

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