Album Review – Battalion / Tyrant of Evil EP (2015)

The battlefield of true Heavy Metal is calling our names through the tunes of war by this talented old school Brazilian squad.


Tyrant of evilIf you’re a diehard fan of the impactful Heavy/Speed Metal from the 80’s, when bands like Running Wild, Exciter, Grave Digger and Iron Angel redefined the underworld of metal with their blend of aggressiveness and harmony, I suggest you turn your attention to the city of Itajaí, located in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, around 100km from the state capital Florianópolis, because what Heavy Metal power trio Battalion are capable of doing with their musical weapons will fulfill your deepest needs for fast and furious battle chants.

Formed in the year of 2005, Battalion released as their official debut a highly-acclaimed self-titled demo in 2007, which opened many doors for the band not only in Brazil but everywhere in the world where good old school metal music still lives, followed by an EP in 2012 and a full-length album in 2013 both named Empire of Dead. Now in 2015, in order to keep kicking the asses of the unfaithful at full force, those Brazilian warriors launched a special EP entitled Tyrant of Evil, containing two new steadfast compositions as well as the five original combat songs from their 2007 demo.

As if they wanted to send their loyal metal soldiers to war, Battalion offer the listener the overpowering title-track Tyrant of Evil, with its exciting old school riffs making it feel like Grave Digger decided to play Metallica’s classic “Whiplash”.  In other words, it’s a straightforward tune tailored for connoisseurs of Speed and Thrash Metal from the 80’s, with highlights to guitarist Álvaro Santana Junior for not only knowing how to craft gripping riffs, but for also being pretty solid with his guitar solos. The second fresh song from the EP, Hell Razor, showcases a strong European influence boosted by hints of American Thrash Metal, with lead singer/bassist Marcelo Fagundes revving up the band’s engine with his awesome bass lines while the song’s riffs excoriate your skin mercilessly. In addition, based on his killer performance, it looks like drummer Fabiano Barbosa loves to play at the speed of light from the bottom of his heart.

1500After that amazing start, Battalion take us back in time to the year of 2007, starting with their “tribute” to German legends Grave Digger entitled Battalion of Metal. Raise your swords and let’s go to battle with Battalion, as I’m pretty sure their fans go crazy when they play this tune live. The next tune, Valley of the Dead, presents riffs a la Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, and it’s important to mention it doesn’t sound like a demo so cohesive it is. Another interesting detail in their music is that most of the time the vocals in the old songs are a lot more inclined to Thrash Metal than to traditional Heavy Metal, which also happens in Fighting for the Glory, another battle anthem with an epic vibe. Fabiano doesn’t let the energy level go down with his rhythmic beats, letting Marcelo lead the band in their fight for glory with his warrior vocals and old school attitude.

You’ll be headbanging nonstop to the excellent Final Battle in less than five seconds so rapturous it is. This is by far my favorite from the old demo songs mainly due to its great riffs and chorus, the type the world learned to scream together with tons of bands while raising their fists in the 80’s, an era when we can say Heavy Metal became “mainstream”. And the last tune, Soldiers from the Shadows, takes you to the battlefield for one last fight. This great display of their passion for old school metal music is perfect for some air guitar and obviously for headbanging, closing the EP at the same speed it started.

You can get your copy of Tyrant of Evil (and of the band’s previous releases, as well as albums from many other amazing metal bands) at the Kill Again Records website, sign up for the band’s metallic army at their official Facebook page, and get more information on the band and their upcoming concerts at the Sangue Frio Produções website. The battlefield of true Heavy Metal is calling our names, and it’s through the tunes of war by this talented old school Brazilian squad.

Best moments of the album: Tyrant of Evil.

Worst moments of the album: None.

Released in 2015 Kill Again Records

Track listing
1. Tyrant of Evil 2:59
2. Hell Razor 3:42
3. Battalion of Metal 4:43
4. Valley of the Dead 4:06
5. Fighting for the Glory 4:29
6. Final Battle 3:48
7. Soldiers from the Shadows 3:27

Band members
Marcelo Fagundes – vocals, bass
Álvaro Santana Junior – guitars
Fabiano Barbosa – drums


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