Album Review – Goat Torment / Sermons to Death (2015)

A consecration of extreme music and the occult, not in the name of the Father, nor of the Son, nor of the Holy Spirit.

GT_sermons_to_death_HDForged in the fires of hell in the accursed year of 2008, with the intention to create music as a weapon of mass destruction and to annihilate everything which our so-called society stands for, Belgian Occult Black/Death Metal beasts Goat Torment are back and ready to haunt our souls with their brand new full-length album, the rapturous Sermons to Death. In other words, get ready to have your body and soul crushed by 40 minutes of the most deviant form of extreme music you can think of.

After the release of their debut album Dominande Tenebrae in 2013, and after touring with wicked names such as Enthroned and Black Crucifixion, including their first ever live appearance on American soil at Maryland Deathfest in 2014, this Ghent-based horde is following the steps of their fellow countrymen Enthroned in regards to the savagery stemming from their music and the profanity advocated through their lyrics. All that blasphemy might be an issue for people who are not really into Black Metal, but it’s indeed a dark delectation for diehard connoisseur of the genre.

When a Black Metal intro starts as dark as Opening the Gates, going on for over three minutes, you know there will be blood and torment through the rest of the album, which is confirmed as soon as the blackened storm entitled Bones Aligned comes ripping. The music is so intense and legitimate it doesn’t sound that only two musicians are generating it, with highlights to Kwel, the mastermind behind Goat Torment, for vociferating his vocal lines in a flammable way, and to the tempo changes that end up making the whole song even more memorable. Rising Dominion mixes the hardcore attitude from Slayer to the vileness of Black Metal, with the resonant bass lines and blast beats turning up the heat in this sonic devastation, while Hierarchy of Negligence, the first of their two epic songs, offers seven minutes of a Black, Death and Doom Metal extravaganza boosted by an astounding level of malignancy. Drummer Torturer (Mor Dagor, ex-Bethlehem, ex-Belphegor) lives up to his name and “tortures” the listener with his furious beats, supporting Kwel and his dark and blasphemous riffs and words.

goat tormentWhile some people hate short instrumental tracks like Within the Realm of Darkness, I think they’re essential for telling a good story in a Black Metal album, preparing the listener to what’s next, which in the case of Sermons to Death is the morbid Defloration of the Holy Cunt, one of the “cutest” names I’ve ever seen in my life for a song. You can imagine how nasty and grotesque this anthem is, full of growls, sick riffs and unstoppable drumming that will dilacerate your mortal soul. Do I need to say I loved it? Anyway, Death is Crowned makes it hard to believe Goat Torment are almost a one-man army so complex it is: Kwel is extremely talented, and just like most European musicians he can easily add tons of melody to extreme music, it doesn’t matter if it’s old school Black Metal or if it’s a blend of Blackened Doom and Thrash Metal like what happens in this song.

Showing absolutely no mercy for our souls, The Domineering Profane emanates despair through Kwel’s demonic vocals, perfect for some hellish headbanging, before their second epic song, Of Fire and Brimstone, closes this excellent album. This ode to hell starts as visceral as possible, and as the name of the song suggests, fire and sulphur impregnate the atmosphere, with highlights to the anger Kwel shows during its entirety, making your blood boil until the ominous last part of this sick tune drags us down to hell together with Kwel and Torturer. Or maybe you want to take another listen to the whole album, and another one after that, before joining them in the underworld?

Either way, whenever you’re ready to join the dark side with Goat Torment, simply visit their Facebook page, YouTube channel or SoundCloud page. And don’t forget to buy your copy of Sermons to Death at the Amor Fati Productions webshop or at their BandCamp page, an album that can be considered a consecration of Extreme Metal, not in the name of the Father, nor of the Son, nor of the Holy Spirit.

Best moments of the album: Bones Aligned, Hierarchy of Negligence and Defloration of the Holy Cunt.

Worst moments of the album: The Domineering Profane.

Released in 2015 Amor Fati Productions

Track listing
1. Opening the Gates 3:41
2. Bones Aligned 3:21
3. Rising Dominion 5:46
4. Hierarchy of Negligence 6:49
5. Within the Realm of Darkness 1:28
6. Defloration of the Holy Cunt 2:11
7. Death is Crowned 4:27
8. The Domineering Profane 3:58
9. Of Fire and Brimstone 7:12

Band members
Kwel – vocals, guitars, bass
Torturer – drums


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