Album Review – Avulsion Rupture / Àglæccræft (2015)

If you believe in God, start begging Him to have mercy on your spinal cord when you listen to this very talented Black Metal act from the UK.


CD400_outThere’s a technical term in medicine named “avulsion”, from the Latin “avellere” (meaning “to tear off”), which describes an injury or fracture where a body structure is forcibly detached from its normal point of insertion by either trauma or surgery, in other words, it’s a type of amputation where the extremity is pulled off rather than cut off. That, my friends, is what will happen to your cervical spine after listening to Àglæccræft, the brand new wicked album by British Black/Death Metal band Avulsion Rupture.

If you love the extremity of bands such as Marduk, Morbid Angel and Dissection you’ll undoubtedly have fun with the aggressive music by this Nottinghamshire-based band, but I must warn you it’s not an easy listening for the average person. Originally formed back in 2000 and having released the demo 1000 Weeping Souls in 2001 and, after a long hiatus, the EP Blasphemous Resurrection in 2014, what Avulsion Rupture offer us in Àglæccræft (an Old English word for “evil art”) is the crudest form of Black Metal you can think of, supplemented by elaborate subject matters that help spread the obscurity intended by the band.

It takes less than 10 seconds for Avulsion Rupture to start blasting their evil music in the opening track, Apocalyptic Resonance, a song that might be too dark and sinister for the faint-hearted where old school Black Metal riffs and blast beats come striking your ears the rawest way possible. And there’s no sign of Avulsion Rupture decelerating at all when you listen to Fortress of Desolation, another brutal Black Metal tune with even darker vocals by the band’s “one man army” Paul Bobrucki, or to the best track of all in my opinion, Massacre at Fin Cop, a song based on a hill and an associated Iron Age hill fort in Monsal Dale, close to Ashford in the Water in Derbyshire, England, where a mass burial containing only women and children was found in 2011 during escavations. Of course the music couldn’t be soft or easy to digest, with lots of Death Metal elements elevating the song’s fury, and if you enjoy nonstop heavy riffs piercing your mind it will surely satisfy your cravings.

004A gibbet is an upright post with a crosspiece, forming a T-shaped structure from which executed criminals were formerly hung for public viewing, which is perfectly represented in the next song, Gibbet on the Moor, where you can feel its heavier atmosphere due to its somber riffs and vocals dictating the carnage. The following track, Coils of Pain, is an excellent Black Metal tune where rawness and complexity are put together to make it even more bestial, with highlights to its very unique rhythm thanks to the job done on guitars, while Concocting Hallucinations is wicked old school Black Metal that will disturb your poor mind. Besides, what Avulsion Rupture do on drums in this song is beyond violent.

Are you tired already? Because there’s a lot more extreme music to go, starting with Monument, where the inclusion of more headbanging riffs halfway through the song is very interesting, followed by the awesome The Scucca, a word that comes from Old English meaning “evil spirit” or also the Black Shuck, a ghostly black dog which is said to roam the coastline and countryside of East Anglia, in the UK, which is indeed another great display of how Black and Death Metal can sound even more malevolent when properly combined. Finally, if you have a strong stomach and enjoy crude and dark sounds you’ll love Universal Vortices, where the ghastly growls by Paul match perfectly with the musicality, and closing the album we have The Carnificum, the genitive plural of carnifex (which by the way means butcher or executioner). Well, that’s exactly what the song represents: sheer violence with riffs transpiring cruelty.

In summary, do not be a coward and face Avulsion Rupture and Àglæccræft, which will soon be available at the band’s official BandCamp page, and you can also take a listen at some of the songs from the album and their previous releases at their SoundCloud page. Well, do I really need to ask God to have mercy on your spinal cord while you listen to this very talented Black Metal act?

Best moments of the album: Massacre at Fin Cop, Coils of Pain and The Scucca.

Worst moments of the album: Fortress of Desolation.

Released in 2015 Independent

Track listing
1. Apocalyptic Resonance 3:20
2. Fortress of Desolation 3:06
3. Massacre at Fin Cop 3:07
4. Gibbet on the Moor 3:14
5. Coils of Pain 3:02
6. Concocting Hallucinations 2:56
7. Monument 3:18
8. The Scucca 3:21
9. Universal Vortices 3:01
10. The Carnificum 2:55

Band members
Paul Bobrucki – vocals, all instruments and programming

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