The Metal Moose Show – Episode 2015-03-10

If you want to get more information about any of the bands featured at The Metal Moose Show, simply Google the band and/or the song name to find their official website and Facebook page and, more important than that, attend their live concerts and buy their music. Here at The Headbanging Moose you can find a detailed review of Swedish Groove Death Metal band Chugger (just click on the link below to read the review). Support your local bands… AND FOLLOW THE MOOSE!

On The Metal Moose Show this week (not necessarily in this order):

1. Woodhawk – Wake The Witch
2. Apocryfall – Aberration Of Mind
3. Flesh Engine – Purging Existance
4. Melphomene – Howl
5. Cull The Heard – I Want More
6. Bury The Rest – Lying In Responce
7. Black Tora – Fuel My Hunger
8. Black Tora – Never Enough
9. Nobodys Straight – Autopsy
10. Beauty Killed The Beast – Prepare
11. Ringleader – Web Of Pain
12. 3 Mirrors In The Room – Wanna Want
13. Aittala – Deconstruct
14. Bookakee – Whorific
15. Infinite Series – Stars And Fortnights
16. Chugger – Virus
17. Dirty Crush – Envy
18. Rabbid Rabbit – Cruel Treatment
19. Never Mind The Riot – Sacrifice
20. Skeleton Birth – Democracy By Firepower
21. Dissonance In Design – Absolution

Click HERE to listen to this week’s episode on Spreaker.

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