Album Review – Swine Overlord / Parables of Umbral Transcendence (2014)

Get ready for 40 minutes of sheer savagery with this Guttural Brutal Slamming Death Metal band from the United States.


SwineOverlordcdcover000If you’re one of those people who feel something is not right if you suddenly start yawning while listening to a heavy music album, no matter which song is playing, consequently changing the music to something more berserk, then Parables of Umbral Transcendence, the debut album by American Guttural Brutal Slamming Death Metal band Swine Overlord might be exactly what you need to feed your inner beast, always eager for the meanest type of metal you can think of.

Formed in December 2011 under the name Malignant Abomination, what once started as a project quickly evolved to a more serious and professional band, changing the name to Hypoxic and then one last time to Swine Overlord. On Halloween of 2012, the band released their first EP entitled Anthologies of Abomination (re-released in 2013 by Gore House Productions), and now in 2014 they’re finally releasing a full-length album which overflows furious riffs, blasting beats and blood-curdling vocals, including special appearances by guitarist/vocalist Mike O’Hara (Splattered Entrails), vocalist Josh Smith (Gutfucked), Hunter Pate, and vocalist Richard “Yeti” Kirk (Abdicate).

Swine Overlord’s  bestial sonic assault starts with Celestial Purge, with its Cannibal Corpse-ish riffs and drums as fast as a machine gun, followed by the even more insane Transformation and Rebirth, where the guttural vocals reach some really deep notes. This song is pure slamming and as brutal as one can imagine, which makes me wonder how just three musicians can generate so much violence in such a short period of time. Although the instrumental track Convergence slows things down a bit, even with its strong bass lines, it ends up working more like an intro to the next song, Post-Burial Defloration, which “desperate” sonority will be too disturbing for people not used to this type of music. Moreover, pay attention to the excellent double bass by drummer Devin Alford and to the last part of the song, these details are both very important to its overall quality.

Falsum Messias keeps up with the sheer brutality by Swine Overlord with its more melodic guitar lines, becoming some pure headbanging after two minutes, while Bleeding the Sinful is indeed a great song for fans of brutal music, with its vocals sounding so vile and devilish sometimes it can be really disturbing for the faint of heart. That can also be said about Chunks, where the whole band keeps the energy bar high with another technical and brutal performance. How amazingly violent would this song sound during a live concert?

Swine O PicThe next part of the album is composed by the excellent Cadaveric Pantomime, a song full of fuckin’ awesome riffs by guitarist Will Peplinski, in which Swine Overlord managed to sound even heavier than all previous tracks; Umbral Transcendence, with its heavy bass intro and more of the band’s characteristic brutal drumming and vocals; and the nice rhythmic breaks in Dissiliency, with highlights to the awesome job done by drummer Devin Alford, giving the song a lot more intensity.

Lastly, those North American metallers still have fuel left for more insanity with the violent Porkchop, The Man-Butcher (an interesting name for a song, by the way), where riffs and vocals go along flawlessly, followed by the headbanging track Dismantling the Flesh Construct, and finally what can be considered the darkest song of the entire album, Seeds of a Treacherous Creation, where it’s very interesting to follow the fast drumming blended with more obscure passages, and once again terrific guttural vocals that sound like if singer Anthony Davis was possessed by a demon.

In summary, with Parables of Umbral Transcendence, which is available for purchase at the official Gore House Productions webshop and as a digital album at the Gore House Productions BandCamp page, Swine Overlord summarize everything one needs to know about cruelty and brutality in 40 minutes of very raw and technical Death Metal. Furthermore, if they keep loyal to their principles and maintain that level of quality in their ruthless musicality, we will surely start seeing those guys kicking ass in different cities, venues and festivals pretty soon, injecting some much needed violence to the music industry, especially to the boring and stale U.S. market.

Best moments of the album: Celestial Purge, Falsum Messias and Cadaveric Pantomime.

Worst moments of the album: Convergence and Umbral Transcendence.

Released in 2014 Gore House Productions

Track listing
1. Celestial Purge 3:22
2. Transformation and Rebirth 1:49
3. Convergence 1:41
4. Post-Burial Defloration 5:14
5. Falsum Messias 4:00
6. Bleeding the Sinful 4:11
7. Chunks 3:11
8. Cadaveric Pantomime 3:09
9. Umbral Transcendence 2:51
10. Dissiliency 3:34
11. Porkchop, The Man-Butcher 3:31
12. Dismantling the Flesh Construct 3:03
13. Seeds of a Treacherous Creation 2:42

Band members
Anthony Davis – vocals
Will Peplinski – guitars, bass
Devin Alford – vocals, drums

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