Album Review – Misanthrope Monarch / Misanthrope Monarch MCD (2014)

A short but very effective sample of all the brutality this Death Metal band from Germany can offer us.


mm_cover_1.inddThe country of Germany has been indeed a nonstop Death Metal machine in 2014, as they keep breeding more and more excellent new bands for all metalheads who love blast beats, deep guttural vocals and frantic guitars. A very good example recently born in that magnificent Teutonic music fountain is German Death Metal band Misanthrope Monarch and their short but rabid self-titled mini CD, Misanthrope Monarch MCD.

Founded in 2014, this band from Oberhausen, in the Ruhr Area, Germany, started as a one-man project by lead guitarist Kristian Göbels, but quickly evolved to a full regular band after a while, especially with the live aspect in mind. The band is still looking for a full-time drummer, but that didn’t stop them from recording the mini CD with none other than the awesome Mike Smith, best known for his kick-ass years behind the drum set with American Brutal/Technical Death Metal band Suffocation. With that said, you can already have an idea of the heaviness and brutality you’ll find in the music by Misanthrope Monarch.

MMbandThe smooth acoustic intro Ash kind of deceives the listener, being something like the famous “calm before the storm”, because when the massacre begins with Crushing the Unbeliever, those guys truly deliver some high-end technical Death Metal: while Mike Smith is simply killing anything that moves on drums, Markus Gornik sounds really awesome with his guttural vocals, showcasing all the aggressiveness (and even some tones) of the old Max Cavalera. In Father Sin and the Hollow Spirit, Kristian Göbels and Chris Salmen do an excellent job on the guitars, including a cool guitar solo inspired by our good old Thrash Metal. Not only that, all rhythmic breaks and variations making the song a lot more enjoyable, with drums once again sounding like a furious jackhammer. The last track, Disintegrate, is just an outro “informing” you that the tornado is over and that you can try to recover from it and rest for now, until the band gets back with a full-length album (which means more destruction), hopefully sooner than later. And finally, another highlight is the album art, emanating violence and darkness just as their music does. Will it be “expanded” for the full-length album?

While we wait for this and some other questions which can only be answered when they release a full-length album, you can take a listen at their mini CD on their SoundCloud page, and also support the band by purchasing their music on iTunes or Amazon. Misanthrope Monarch MCD might be just a sample of what they’re capable of doing, but so effective you’ll surely get eager for more.

Best moments of the album: Father Sin and the Hollow Spirit.

Worst moments of the album: None until they release a full-length album.

Released in 2014 Independent

Track listing
1. Ash 1:17
2. Crushing the Unbeliever 3:10
3. Father Sin and the Hollow Spirit 2:46
4. Disintegrate 1:15

Band members
Markus Gornik – vocals
Kristian Göbels – lead guitar
Chris Salmen – rhythm guitar
Pat Fleischmann – bass

Guest musician
Mike Smith – drums

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