Album Review – NeraNature / Disorders (2014)

Nera brings us the true nature of Gothic Rock.


neranature_disordersThree years after her beautiful debut-album Foresting Wounds, our Polish diva Agnieszka “Nera” Górecka is finally back with her Gothic Rock band NeraNature and, of course, another excellent release, the highly anticipated Disorders. For the ones that were somehow expecting something similar to her old group, Polish Symphonic Black Metal band Darzamat, forget about it: Disorders is a delightful sequence to her previous solo album, or maybe I should say a sequence to Nera’s own experiences in life.

First of all, in my humble opinion I believe that if Nera was American she would have already conquered the world of music by now: she has the looks, a powerful voice, a strong charisma and everything else one needs to be successful in North America or anywhere else. Not only that, her music is very professional, beautiful and emanates lots of feeling and energy, but that invisible barrier that exists for many non-American artists keeps hampering a higher acceptance from fans all over the USA and Canada. I really hope that changes with time, and American and Canadian Gothic Rock fans, especially the ones who love that British sonority from the 80’s, can finally acknowledge her awesome work and elevate her to stardom.

Anyway, let’s focus on the smooth and captivating music from the new NeraNature album now, which is the purpose of this review. Although extremely short (the album has only 8 tracks split in less than 30 minutes), Disorders brings the listener more of that pleasant atmospheric rock that became so famous especially in the UK during the 80’s, with lots of additional elements from heavy and experimental music (preventing the music from sounding repetitive or obsolete), and Nera’s unique voice standing out all the time as expected. All of that can already be enjoyed in the opening track, Twisted, a very gothic tune with some electronic elements mixed with the guitar riffs, and Nera’s voice sounding as superb as usual. And have you noticed how happy she looks in her “selfie” music video for this song? Well, she definitely should be, as the final result is truly awesome.

neranatureThe album continues with its first single and a perfect choice for hitting the road, Drifting, which has a pure 80’s rhythm with strong riffs, lots of “wah-wah” and more mesmerizing vocals, and  In Contrast To, a heavier track with lots of Gothic moments, with highlights to its interesting piano notes and music breaks. Then we have The Clue, an atmospheric rock semi-ballad, and I Play,  the most melancholic track of all, with another beautiful performance by Nera and very introspective lyrics (“I play hide & seek / with the intention of losing myself for good…”). One very important detail that you’ll be able to notice after listening to this first part of the album is the presence of a lot more piano and keyboard passages than in Foresting Wounds, giving the whole album a more feminine and delicate approach, which perfectly suits the music direction Nera has chosen to follow in the past few years.

And it looks like Nera and her very competent band saved the last part of Disorders for a combination of distinct and pleasant songs: Reverse is a nice mix of Gothic Rock and Metal with some progressive passages, sounding a little like some of the old classics from Garbage; Hesitation is an intense song with a more direct instrumental, where Nera beautifully sings with her heart; and the last song, the very Gothic and experimental Mistaken, with its eerie intro and all other unusual elements, sounds completely different from everything else Nera has already done in her career, expanding her music boundaries in a very entertaining way.

To sum up, even though I still consider Foresting Wounds slightly better, Disorders (available for purchase on iTunes) is indeed a lovely album that will probably grow on me with time. That beautiful Gothic musicality only NeraNature is capable of generating is there, the lyrics are very personal and meaningful, and besides, listening to Nera’s voice is always awesome no matter the situation. And if the situation includes enjoying a good wine with the person you love while listening to the true nature of Gothic Rock offered in this album by NeraNature, it gets even better.

Best moments of the album: Twisted, Drifting and I Play.

Worst moments of the album: In Contrast To, and the fact the album is too short.

Released in 2014 Independent

Track listing
1. Twisted 3:09
2. Drifting 4:54
3. In Contrast To 3:13
4. The Clue 3:47
5. I Play 3:09
6. Reverse 2:47
7. Hesitation 3:12
8. Mistaken 3:31

Band members
Agnieszka “Nera” Górecka – vocals
Marek “Markus” Tkocz – bass
Paweł “Senator” Nowak – drums
Piotr “Peter” Nowak – keyboards

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