Album Review – One Machine / The Distortion Of Lies And The Overdriven Truth (2014)

Five excellent musicians join forces to create a true Heavy Metal machine.


CoverLet’s keep talking about supergroups with the debut album The Distortion Of Lies And The Overdriven Truth from Thrash/Heavy Metal band One Machine, featuring Steve Smyth (Testament, Nevermore, Forbidden, Dragonlord, Vicious Rumors) and Jamie Hunt (Biomechanical) on the guitars, Mikkel Sandager (Mercenary) on vocals, Tomas “O’Beast” Koefoed (Mnemic) on bass, and Raphael Saini (Chaoswave) on drums (later replaced by Michele Sanna, but he was the one that recorded the drums on the album). All band members were carefully selected by Smyth, who wanted to create a unique sound with classic and modern influences, and I must admit he was able to do it.

Although it’s far from being the most creative Heavy Metal album in the world, The Distortion Of Lies And The Overdriven Truth offers us a very good mix of traditional Heavy Metal and more modern American Thrash and Nu Metal, which becomes totally clear with the opening track, the excellent The Distortion Of Lies And The Overdriven Truth, with its imposing intro and riffs, fast rhythm and an amazing job done by vocalist Mikkel Sandager. Fans of Testament and Forbidden will surely enjoy the next track, Crossed Over, especially the riffs and chorus, while Kill The Hope Inside has a modern Thrash Metal approach commonly found in many North American bands nowadays.

BandThe following tracks of the album are Armchair Warriors, which reminds me a little of the latest Arch Enemy albums mainly due to its riffs and drumming; Defiance, a regular song not as good as its predecessors; and One Machine, with highlights to the amazing bass lines by Tomas “O’Beast” Koefoed and beautiful guitar solos by Smyth.

The last part of the album starts with Into Nothing, a heavy semi-ballad that despite having almost 7 minutes is not boring at all, and Evict The Enemy, which has lots of elements of Nu Metal, especially the vocals and riffs. Then come the beautiful and dark ballad Last Star Alights, again with a superb done by Sandager on vocals and an amazing solo by Smyth at the end of the song, and Freedom And Pain, a pure Thrash Metal sonic massacre that if played live will surely generate huge mosh pits for the total delight of everyone attending the event. The last part of this song is absolutely amazing, where the guitar solos, fast drums and intense bass sound exactly how Thrash Metal music should.

Moreover, the professionalism with which each musician treats the music in the album helps improve its overall quality, as well as the beautiful album art symbolizing the “one machine” as each human being struggling to survive in a decaying industrialized world. Another interesting fact about it is that the album was mixed by world-renowned musician Roy Z, who has also been involved in the mixing and production of some classic albums from Judas Priest, Bruce Dickinson and Halford.

To sum up, this album is definitely worth a try, mainly because the “supergroup” label is ignored by the band, which is much more interested in producing some high-quality heavy music for all types of metalheads instead of relying only on their names to sell the album.

Best moments of the album: The Distortion Of Lies And The Overdriven Truth, Armchair Warriors and Freedom And Pain.

Worst moments of the album: Defiance and Evict The Enemy.

Released in 2014 Scarlet Records

Track listing
1. The Distortion Of Lies And The Overdriven Truth 3:56
2. Crossed Over 3:46
3. Kill The Hope Inside 4:55
4. Armchair Warriors 5:23
5. Defiance 5:04
6. One Machine 6:26
7. Into Nothing 6:47
8. Evict The Enemy 4:55
9. Last Star Alights 5:30
10. Freedom And Pain 5:07

Band members
Steve Smyth – guitar
Mikkel Sandager – vocals
Jamie Hunt – rhythm guitar
Tomas “O’Beast” Koefoed (Mnemic) – bass
Raphael Saini – drums

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