The Walking Dead Webisodes Review – The Oath

The Oath endorses what the TV series is currently trying to warn us: living humans are the biggest threat to everyone, not the poor rotting zombies.


If you haven’t seen The Oath yet, I suggest you scroll down to the end of this post first and watch the 3 parts before reading the rest of the text.

walking-deadDon’t you just love The Walking Dead when even something that should be only a bonus to the fans becomes an important part of the whole story? Although it would be really cool to see some webisodes in different parts of the world such as Norway, Chile or South Africa, so that we could take a look at how people are reacting to the zombie outbreak outside the USA (or is it just happening there?), I like the idea of keeping the story in the same location. And now, the new webisodes are even closer to Rick and the rest of his crew than we could have imagined.

walking_dead_oathThe two new characters, Paul and Karina (who in my opinion overacts a lot here), find themselves in the exact same situation as many other groups of people we’ve already seen in the show: a group of 20+ people organized in a camping zone, suddenly overrun by a herd of zombies, or walkers, or bitters, and now decays. How many other names are they going to give to the zombies? Why not just call them zombies, if that’s what they really are? Can it be considered bullying giving so many bad names to those poor corpses? Anyway, this simply proves to us that nobody is safe, it doesn’t matter how many people you are and how many guns you have. Any camping zone, including the “hostile” ones Paul shows Karina on a map (would Woodbury be one of those?), is just a “free buffet” waiting to be found by our beloved flesh-eating friends.

Another great point in The Oath webisodes is that they give almost no explanation of who those people are, why they got together, where they’re going next, or if they will meet Rick’s group one day. Until the end of part 3, we don’t even know when the story is happening, if it’s before, after or at the same time as Rick’s group is at the barn, at the prison, fighting the Governor or anywhere else. This is great, as it keeps me interested in what’s happening next, paying attention to all the details and consequences of people’s actions and reactions.

maxresdefaultBut the best part without any doubt is how the new webisodes are focusing on the living humans as the biggest threat to anyone, just as the regular TV show is doing, instead of just turning it into a B-movie full of half-naked cheerleaders running away from hungry rotting zombies. That’s what makes The Walking Dead so interesting, and now the new webisodes. The previous ones were somehow like that too, but not so focused on humans as now. That creepy doctor, who seems to be their hope at first glance, turns out to be another nightmare in their desperate escape from the zombies. I just don’t understand how that crazy woman was able to survive by herself at that hospital, and why she enjoyed so much “creating” new zombies. But that’s not an issue, because as I said I don’t care about getting all the minimal details of every part of the story. The more suspense and mystery we have, the better.

The-Walking-Dead-The-Oath-WebseriesThe only thing I think they should add to the webisodes is more famous people as “guest” zombies, just like they did in the first ones with Scott Ian, from Anthrax. Although he appeared for only a few seconds, it was enough to make that webisode even better. Why not calling other famous TWD fans to become zombies for a day such as WWE’s CM Punk? He would be an amazing walker! Or maybe some other musicians that sing about zombies, like Chris Barnes (from Six Feet Under) or George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher (from Cannibal Corpse).

In summary, a pretty good job by TWD crew that pumped me up for the Season 4 premiere this Sunday, and that for me just confirms Michonne was a lot happier or at least had 100% less trouble when she was by herself surrounded by walkers, and not by stupid people. If we’ll see Paul and Karina again I have no idea, but at least now we know who painted that famous DON’T OPEN DEAD INSIDE sign we all love so much.

Here are the 3 parts of The Walking Dead Webisodes: The Oath

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